Fiasco.OC-UX and recent Linux kernels

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Sun May 17 22:41:58 CEST 2015


On Mon May 11, 2015 at 11:38:42 +0200, Paul Boddie wrote:
> I have been experimenting a little with L4/Fiasco.OC and have been trying to
> gradually build up my skills by looking at Fiasco.OC-UX. However, there are a 
> few things that aren't really very clear to me from looking at the 
> documentation.
> Looking at the L4Re and Fiasco documentation, it appears that I first build 
> L4Re normally...


> ...and then I need to build Fiasco.OC...
> ...but indicating the "Linux Usermode Platform" in the "Platform" section of 
> the "Target configuration" when doing "make config".
> The documentation mentions doing "make ux E=hello", but I found that a 
> MODULE_SEARCH_PATH was required. Otherwise, the Makefile directs a script to 
> look in directories of the L4Re build hierarchy that don't exist...

Indeed, launching requires to know where the kernel's build directory
> Having got this far, running "make ux" with the necessary options gave me the 
> following error:
> openpty: No such file or directory
> Problems setting up timer interrupt!
> Aborted
> I did start to wonder whether there might be permission issues, whether the UX 
> mode is no longer supported, or whether it isn't supported on Linux 3.x 
> kernels. (I use User Mode Linux a lot and never have to do so as a privileged 
> user, by the way.) The documentation seems to indicate that a 2.6 kernel is 
> required...
> ...which probably few people run on a desktop or laptop any more, but for the 
> record I am using the 32-bit x86 architecture and not amd64/x86-64, and my 
> distribution is Debian Wheezy.

Thanks for reminding, I've updated the page to reflect that any recent
kernel will do.

> Am I trying something which I shouldn't expect to work? A perusal of the 
> mailing list archives didn't really provide any obvious answers.

It shall work. Regarding the openpty error, openpty might require
devpts, is it mounted under /dev/pts?

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