Booting error of L4Linux enabled SMP surpport

Xiefeng (Stephen) xiefeng1 at
Fri May 22 09:49:14 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I use entry L4Linux-mag-x86 in modules.list to start a L4Linux on L4Re successfully. The codes is l4re-snapshot-2014092821.
L4Linux use x86-native_deconfig complie, use l4lx-gfx.cfg to start L4Linux. This config is just set one cpu for L4Linux.

If I set l4x_cpus=2 in l4lx-gfx.cfg, use x86-mp_vPCI_defconfig and set CONFIG_NR_CPUS=2 to compile the L4Linux,
when I start L4Linux, a kernel panic happened:

l4linux | Loading: rom/ramdisk-x86.rd
l4linux | INITRD: Size of RAMdisk is 3072KiB
l4linux | RAMdisk from 88d70000 to 89070000 [3072KiB]
l4linux | rtc not found
l4linux | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 41f (timer0) (u:b3000a00, v:00000000, sp:008e1fa8)
l4linux | WARNING: Unknown wrmsr: 0000008b at 0x414bad
l4linux | WARNING: Unknown rdmsr: 00000186 at 0x85e1d6
l4linux | WARNING: Unknown rdmsr: 00000187 at 0x85e1d6
l4linux | WARNING: Unknown wrmsr: 000000c1 at 0x85e2a7
l4linux | Launching cpu1 on pcpu 1 at 0x4024e0
l4linux | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 420 (cpu1) (u:b3000800, v:b3000600, sp:008c7fa8)
l4linux | WARNING: Unknown wrmsr: 0000008b at 0x414bad
l4linux | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 424 (timer1) (u:b3000400, v:00000000, sp:008e3fa8)
l4linux | Spurious IPI on CPU0: 4
l4linux | panic: going to sleep forever, bye

Has anyone encountered this problem?

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