Increase IPC-Stream size

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed May 27 00:11:57 CEST 2015

Hi ba_f,

On Wed May 20, 2015 at 11:40:27 +0200, ba_f wrote:
> i decided not to use libshmc and do it "manually" with Dataspace and IRQ,
> because i think this comes closest to the communication between TrustZone
> worlds.
> It's the best starting point before pushing the project to TrustZone (ie.
> Normal world Client and Secure Server), isn't it?

Indeed, that really comes closer to that.
> Anyway, i need some more help.
> i tried this:
> >L4::Cap<L4Re::Dataspace> ds =
> >L4Re::Env::env()->get_cap<L4Re::Dataspace>("shmds");
> >
> >l4_addr_t startAddr = 0;
> >if ( L4Re::Env::env()->rm()->attach( &startAddr, 4096, L4Re::Rm::In_area |
> >L4Re::Rm::Eager_map, ds, 0, L4_PAGESHIFT) )
> >  printf("Error");
> First, get_cap<L4Re::Dataspace>("shmds") leads to a kernel warning.
> >KERNEL: Warning: nothing mapped: (Obj_space)
> i guess, i dont understand that capability stuff entirely. What causes this
> warning?

Generally this warning is printed when trying to pass a capability (or
memory) around but the source is empty. This is typically a programming
error. Secondly I think the warning does not come from the get_cap call.
That call just gets the cap from the environment where the program
startup has already stored it. "shmds" must be a cap that has been
specified in the "caps" table of your program in the lua script.
> Second, my C++ skills are a bit moderate, unfortunately.
> So, is this right?
> >L4Re::Env::env()->rm()->attach( &startAddr, 4096, flags, ds, 0,
> Or how to call L4Re::Rm::attach()?

With flags == L4Re::Rm::Search_addr it should be fine (plus: you can
omit the last two parameters). 
Don't use the In_area, you need to alloc such an area beforehand!
Further, you need to add L4Re::Rm::Search_addr, otherwise attach will
try to put that memory at 0 (startAddr == 0) which is not good to do.

Adam                 adam at

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