Increase IPC-Stream size

ba_f ba_f at
Wed Jun 10 14:01:01 CEST 2015

Am 2015-06-02 12:04, schrieb Matthias Lange:
>> As i want to go for TrustZone, i dont wanna use IPC.
>> Hence, i have to create a virtual IRQ in Ned's script, so that both
>> Tasks know the IRQ namespace?
> No, this is not possible. You run an independent kernel and user land 
> on
> both the secure and non-secure side. The communication between both
> worlds is more like a system call interface where the non-secure side
> prepares a request and then issues the 'smc' instruction. This results
> in a context switch to the secure side where the kernel "sees" the smc
> instruction in form of an IRQ.
> Matthias.

Ok, thank u.

i guess i'm lost without any TrustZone reference design...

Anyway, one last word about my Ned script, please.

Do i really have to transfer my IRQ over IPC (in no TrustZone design)?
At least in /pkg/ned/doc/tutorial.lua there is 'Irq' mentioned as a 
'useful constant'.
So i guess i can define IRQ in Lua, but i miss correct syntax.

>> If this is any correct, then i miss the right syntax.
>> I tried the following, but failed:
>> local virtual_smc = L4.Env.Irq:create();
>> ld:start({ caps = { irq = virtual_smc:svr()},},
>>      "rom/server");
>> ld:start({ caps = { irq = virtual_smc },},
>>          "rom/client");
>> Thanks to all of u,
>> ba_f


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