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This is more just a general comment, but compared to other open source
project I have contributed to Fiasco L4Re is difficult to work with. In
most GNU open source projects new features and improvements are discussed
actively on a mailing list and/or IRC channel so its easy to follow what is
being done and jump in. While I very much appreciate that developers have
taken the time to answer my questions, the l4-hackers mailing list seems to
be just Q and A there is no discussion on what is currently being worked on
for Fiasco and L4Re as there is in the Linux kernel or drivers.

Also the svn logs just have generic import messages like:

r67 | l4check | 2015-01-12 16:57:36 -0500 (Mon, 12 Jan 2015) | 1 line

So it looks like all the core development is being done privately and then
exported to a public repository. This makes it difficult in my opinion to
build an open source development community. You can't look back through the
svn logs messages and diffs to see the evolution of the system and get up
to speed on the state of the art.

For example, who is the committer? How would I go about submitting a patch
for L4Re or Fiasco?
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