Some questions about L4 operating system

Qing Wei wq_idol at
Thu Jul 16 13:31:42 CEST 2015

  I am a beginner to L4, and very interested in it. I think it is great in 
terms of its minimality and security. However, I have some questions
about it,
(1) How is its performance compared to other monolithic kernel,
say, Linux. Could it make use of multicore, multiprocessor to
enjoy the performance scalability?
(2) How is its ecosystem, fox example, how to support new hardware,
does it need write the driver from scratch or could it make use of
Linux driver? And how to write application on it, or, could it run
Linux application without modification?
(3) How is its virtualization support, could it run Linux vm, and
does it need any modification to the guest os?

Qing Wei

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