issues in building l4re

AVK avinash at
Fri Jul 17 11:03:33 CEST 2015

Hello community,

I have been trying to build l4re and have the following issue. I am
building l4re snapshot with some other modules not included in the package.
The issue is when i am building moe, and it has not been changed and is the
one that is included in the package. I am  building it on a virtualbox
running xubuntu 15.04 (in case it helps to find the issue or could be the
problem). I am not sure how to move ahead with this problem and am curious
if anyone has ideas or pointers to look for/at.

/obj/l4/x86/include/l4/re/error_helper:64:26: error: ‘L4_UNLIKELY’ was not
declared in this scope
   if (L4_UNLIKELY(err < 0))
In function ‘long int L4Re::chksys(const l4_msgtag_t&, const char*,
l4_utcb_t*, long int)’:
error: ‘L4_UNLIKELY’ was not declared in this scope
   if (L4_UNLIKELY(t.has_error()))
/home/avk/Thesis/l4re-snapshot-2014092821/src/l4/mk/ recipe
for target 'main.o' failed

The build output can be seen here :

Avinash Kundaliya
avinash at
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