Adding more functionality on top of L4Linux

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1.) I don't seem to be able to receive reply via this thread. Not sure why
although the "Digest Vol 147, Issue 9" seems to register a reply to this
topic ?

2.) Re: "I assume you're using the default setup with a ramdisk?"

@Adam Lackorzynski
I am using a Genode Framework + Fiasco,OC + L4Linux build with L4Linux as
userland. So, it's all vanilla build according to Genode's website (

>From their website:

*To get the L4Linux running on top of Genode, you have to change to the
ports-foc repository within your Genode source tree and do a 'make

*     cd ports-foc*
*     make prepare*

*This will fetch the currently supported version from the L4Linux
subversion repository, and apply a patch to it, that is needed to execute
it on top of Genode.*

But the thing is I doubt how different their L4Linux are from the current
ones so it shouldn't really matter ?

I am wondering if I can do a vanilla compilation of programs I want on a
normal OS like Debian or Ubuntu and then copy it's files onto L4Linux ?


On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 8:13 PM, Thotheolh Tay <twzgerald at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Are there any guides which I can add the following features onto L4Linux ?
>  - GCC, Make, CCID, PCSC
> If the features do not exist in L4Linux, how do I build my own L4Linux
> image with these features and what do I need to modify to ensure they work
> properly on L4Linux ?
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