BSP support - UART

ba_f ba_f at
Wed Oct 14 00:39:29 CEST 2015

Hello Hackers,

I have a custom board with Zynq processor.
Unfortunately, it uses UART0 which produces only garbage.
(A lot of white spaces or tabs and single freak characters, if this is 
any help.)

My ZedBoard uses UART1 and Fiasco runs successfully on it.

I'm sure Zynq is proper configured on the new board, because the U-Boot 
output is displayed correctly.
But the Fiasco output then looks like a wrong baud-rate, or something.
With both boards i open console with:
picocom /dev/ttyACM0 -b 115200

As far as i can see, Zynq TRM doesn't specify any difference between 
UART0 & UART1, beside the addresses.
But, this one is set right in Fiasco.

OnetSwitch use UART0, and its U-Boot works great.

At least i don't see any difference between ZedBoard U-Boot and 
Onetswitch U-Boot, except for the Uart address.


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