How is network stack implemented in Fiasco/l4Re

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed Nov 4 00:31:57 CET 2015


On Tue Nov 03, 2015 at 08:00:53 +0800, Yuxin Ren wrote:
> I have a few questions about network stack in Fiasco/L4Re.

Which one? Or a hypothetical one?
> Is network stack implemented in the kernel or user level?

User level of course.

> If in user level, are different protocols (IP/TCP) implemented in a
> single server or different servers?

Typically single server but why not put TCP away, it's the more
complicated part of the game.

> If in different servers, how do they communicate with each other?

Shared memory.

> Is there any example code to show how to use network? How to send and
> receive TCP or UDP packets?
> How can I set up the network environment on bare metal machine? Is
> there documentation or instruction?

There's lwip+ankh but that bitrotted so any experience will not be
pleasant. And then there's L4Linux but that's probably not what you're
looking for.

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