L4Re halts at boot, waiting for console input

Arttu Pulli arttu.pulli at nomovok.com
Thu Nov 26 10:12:22 CET 2015

Hello hackers,

the subject line summarizes my problem pretty well. To expand, the 
halting happens first when Ned begins booting the user space services 
defined in the modules.list config, after it has loaded the Lua config 
script file. First I thought that my setup is just wrong, but feeding 
some amount of newlines through the serial console causes the boot to 
continue normally. The system is still waiting for input during this, 
though, as can be seen from the fact that the boot will go forward to 
starting Io with a couple of newlines, then it halts after that again, 
then newlines start my own user space modules, the system halting 
between every module if no input is given.

This only happens on warm boots. When powering the board for the first 
time, the boot goes all the way to the finish without any user input.

I'm using a custom i.MX6Q based board.

So, with that background, my question is is there some general place 
where this kind of behaviour can be configured? Or is it just that my 
setup is somehow broken, and this is not any kind of feature of 

Arttu Pulli

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