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Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Thu Dec 10 23:18:41 CET 2015


On Tue Dec 08, 2015 at 14:18:17 +0100, cem akpolat wrote:
> I want to ask, if you have any guide or documentation, how to write a real
> time app on l4linux. As you know, l4llinux doesn't guarantee whether the
> application .which run on top of it, will be close to real time or not. In
> this case, should we write an separate l4 app and communicate with l4linux
> over IPC? If yes, again, how can I implement this kind of an app. For
> instance, if we take the server-client app under examples folder, can we
> apply the same scenario? How can I communicate with L4Linux?

L4Linux is as real-time as any other virtualized Linux is, so yes, you
probably want to have real-time work separate from Linux.
L4Linux has a server interface which can be used to implement services.
Look at arch/l4/server for examples. It's a bit more complicated because
of the mixture of C and C++ but look at the input-srv file as the most
simple example.

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