L4Re Update

Adam Lackorzynski adam at l4re.org
Thu Dec 31 16:53:13 CET 2015


After a longer break I'm pleased to announce an
update of the L4Re system software.


Besides bug fixes and enhancements, noteworthy changes and
additions of this update include:

- LLVM/Clang: Fiasco.OC is supported with Clang now, for the
  userland we're nearly there
- Updates for recent GCC versions
- CROSS_COMPILE is the preferred way to set the compiler
  prefix now
- URLs have been consolidated to be under the l4re.org domain
  but old ones will remain to work for a foreseeable future.

- Package reorganization: Core packages have been moved to a
  more hierarchical structure, e.g. l4re-core and io
- New RPC framework using C++ that generates client and server
  side code from a single definition, code and examples have been
  adapted accordingly
- Software updates, e.g. libstdc++, lua, libpng, libjpeg, lwip
- New L4Re::Dma_space interface to support DMA and IOMMUs
- io gained support for IOMMUs and MSI remapping
- Virtio library to support the development of virtio host
- Documentation improvements: https://l4re.org/doc/

- IOMMU support, including MSI remapping (currently VT-d)
- Clang support

- Added x86-64 variant
- Updated to version Linux 4.3
- MSI / MSI-X support

Happy new year,

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