How can I get L4linux 3.10 code?

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at
Tue Jan 19 09:59:53 CET 2016


On 01/19/2016 05:07 AM, liu.xiaodong2 at wrote:
> Hi,
>         I want to use L4linux 3.10. I see that L4linux 3.10 is available
> now from, but I can't find any other
> download-website except L4linux 4.3.
>         Is there some place I can get the older version(3.10) of the
> L4linux?

It's revision r39 in the L4Linux repository. See [1] on how to download
the repository. Be beware of, that you also need the corresponding
Fiasco and L4Re revisions (from August 2013). L4Linux 3.10 will not work
with the current snapshot versions.



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