Compiling GPIO drivers for L4Linux

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at
Tue Feb 23 18:52:18 CET 2016


On 02/23/2016 04:45 PM, Nourhan Mohamed wrote:
> Dear all,
> Unlike the normal Linux (version 4.3.0) kernel configuration, when
> compiling the L4Linux (same version) kernel I couldn't find an option to
> enable GPIO or choose a driver for the architecture I am building upon
> (Since I am compiling for ARM, Versatile Express Cortex-A15 board over
> qemu). Is there an option to enable gpio for l4linux? I even tried
> modifying something in the gpio driver src in l4linux and when I
> re-compiled, it never detected any changes.

I suppose you plan to directly pass-through the GPIO device to L4Linux?
In that case you have to grant L4Linux access to the MMIO regions
related to the GPIO device. This has to be done in io's configuration
file. The second step is to pass L4Linux a matching device tree where
the resources of the GPIO device are declared.


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