Booting L4Linux on Raspberry Pi 2

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Mar 11 00:13:35 CET 2016


On Thu Mar 10, 2016 at 10:22:19 +0100, Antoine DEBUT wrote:
> > But you configured L4Linux yourself? Because that just looks like a
> > Linux config issue.
> I did run the 'arm_defconfig' for L4Linux build process, and modified
> the System Type to Armv7. That is the only configuration modification I
> did, besides the .cfg file.

Ok, switching to v7 is fine.
> > You snipped a few too many lines here, the lines above that would also
> > be useful.
> Sorry, I didn't want to overcharge the mail in a first place. Here are
> the lines above, starting from Ned loading the .cfg:
> l4linux | Loading: rom/ramdisk-arm.rd
> l4linux | INITRD: Size of RAMdisk is 0KiB
> l4linux | RAMdisk from 00000000 to 00000000 [0KiB]

This is strange. It looks like it found something but then it has a zero
size. Could you investigate this?

> Also, I found out that there are a bunch of board.defconfig files for
> l4linux. How are they correctly called upon building l4linux ?
> I don't find any rules to call them, so I suppose they are chosen upon
> calling the arm_defconfig rule accordingly to the board chosen in
> building Fiasco or L4Re?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with "board.defconfig".
xxx_defconfig files are used like "make ... xxx_defconfig" for an
initial configuration. None of the defconfig files is chosen according
to any setting, that needs to be done by hand.

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