Question about Fiasco.OC support for SPARC

deng.chao1 at deng.chao1 at
Mon May 9 08:54:31 CEST 2016

Hi everyone:
  I want to run Fiasco.OS on SPARC-leon3 platform. It seems that Fiasco.OS already has an unimplemented support for SPARC-leon3 according to the latest snapshot fiasco-2015123115 of Fiasco.
  Does Fiasco.OS support SPARC now? If it does, how can I get the source?
  If it doesn't, what are the unimplemented parts according to snapshot fiasco-2015123115?

  And another question, is there any good machine emulator for SPARC-leon3? I have tried latest version of QEMU, but It doesn't work well on SPARC-leon3.


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