Question about Fiasco.OC support for SPARC

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Hi Adam,
  I am grateful for the fast reply!
  I found that the snapshot-2014092821 had already included SPARC-leon support as experimental choice, if I configure "INCLUDE-SPARC=y" to Fiasco kernel, the kernel image can been just built out. But in the snapshot-2015123115, the SPARC experimental choice was been get rid of from Kconfig of Fiasco kernel.
  I guess the development of SPARC support for Fiasco.OC may have reached a high level, but not finished yet by some reasons. So there maybe has a been-done list and a to-do list to recode the progress of the developement like: "MMU is OK","Interrupt/Exception is to do" ... .
  I need to evaluate workload to complete the rest part for running Fiasco.OC on SPARC-leon3. Would you give me some suggestions? Or is there somebody else knows this in more detail?


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On Mon May 09, 2016 at 14:54:31 +0800, deng.chao1 at wrote:
>   I want to run Fiasco.OS on SPARC-leon3 platform. It seems that Fiasco.OS already has an unimplemented support for SPARC-leon3 according to the latest snapshot fiasco-2015123115 of Fiasco.
>   Does Fiasco.OS support SPARC now? If it does, how can I get the source?

What's in the snapshot is basically all what's there currently.

>   If it doesn't, what are the unimplemented parts according to snapshot fiasco-2015123115?

Hard to simply enumerate, I'd guess most of the architecture-specific parts.

>   And another question, is there any good machine emulator for SPARC-leon3£¿ I have tried latest version of QEMU, but It doesn't work well on SPARC-leon3.

Hmm, doesn't Gaisler have one?

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