L4Re Release

Adam Lackorzynski adam at l4re.org
Fri May 27 13:13:04 CEST 2016


I'm happy to announce a new L4Re release.


This release adds support for the Imagination Technologies'
MIPS architecture, including support for MIPS'
virtualization architecture VZ to run virtual machines such
as Linux. L4Re is currently available for MIPS32,
MIPS64 is about to follow. The MIPS port is supported by
Imagination Technologies.

Further noteworthy changes of this release include:
- L4Linux has been updated to L4Linux-4.6
- Conversion of debugging interface to capability-based
  interface. Programs need to have the 'jdb' capability to
  use JDB functionality.
- The virtual machines monitor, now called uvmm, supports
  the MIPS and ARM architectures.
- A virtio-based peer-to-peer network component is available
  in virtio-net.
- Documentation improvements
- Library updates
- Added ARM platforms:
  - NXP Layerscape LS1021A
  - i.MX28
- MIPS platforms:
  - Malta
  - Sead3
  - Ci20
  - Baikal-T
- Bug fixes and small feature enhancements in the kernel and user-level
   - Added atomic IRQ re-attach call
   - The vCPU data structures have been revised


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