l4re programming language support

Michael Schnupp Michael_Schnupp at genua.de
Sun Jul 10 01:05:01 CEST 2016


I am aware that pretty much the whole l4re system is written in C++ and that the C(++) binding is the main way to write new tasks.
However I also noticed some packages which look like there is also support for languages like fortran, python, and ocaml.
Is there any documentation/example on how to use these to write a new task in those languages?
(Is there generally any documentation on how to use the existing packages?)

I would really love to write own tasks in rust. Is there any chance to build a l4re binary using rust, too?
(Is there generally any documentation on how a binary must look like in order to be able to run on l4re?)

Rust supports specifying custom linking options and has good support for cross compiling.
Especially it also allows linking against musl to build static binaries.
All this make me feel it should be possible to target l4re, too, but I really don't understand the l4re build system well enough.

Do you see any chance in doing so?

Some references:


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