dynamic reconfiguration

ba_f ba_f at rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Aug 4 15:05:36 CEST 2016

Hello L4-Hackers,

can you tell me, what are the capabilities of Fiasco.OC when it comes to 
'dynamic reconfiguration'?

As far as I know, (almost) all the configurations is made in conf.cfg 
and hw.io, right?

But, is it also possible to do some configuration during run-time i.e. 
dynamic reconfiguration?
Here are two examples I can think of:

- IPC-Channels: Instead of defining Server and its Clients in conf.cfg 
statically, is it possible to create IPC-Channel during run-time? Let's 
say, I have a L4re-App in conf.cfg defined as IPC-Server but, no 
Clients, yet. Now, may any L4re-App create a IPC-Channel by itself and 
such link to that IPC-Server?

- New Tasks: Is a L4re-App able to create a new task? I.e. push a thread 
into its own address-space? The new task would require some access 
rights, too.

Is this any possible?
Or is this prohibited due to security issues?



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