Genode + Fiasco.OC: How to access multiple run queues?

Guru Siddesh guru.rvcs at
Fri Aug 5 15:21:29 CEST 2016

Hello L4-hackers ,

I'm writing a Genode component which should access and modify the Run
queues of the scheduler.

Based on what I have read and looked there will be one scheduler for
each processor.  How to access the different scheduler objects and Run
queues from Genode side?

I have looked through the code and able to print the run queue from the

But how do you access 2 run queues when number of processors is more than

And what is the easy way to manipulate these from Genode component.?

PS: I have read Genode book and have a basic idea of Genode architecture.

Best regards,
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