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On 08/09/2016 02:35 PM, ba_f wrote:
> Hello,
> due to sloppy documentation I need help from mailing-list, again.

We are constantly seeking to improve our documentation. What exactly did
you find sloppy or misleading?

> I want to access Hardware (HW) from a L4re-App.
> Actually, I already did this with the old IO-config style.
> I described the HW in *.devs and *.io file and then I was accessing the
> HW, directly with l4io_request_iomem(ADDR, 4, L4IO_MEM_NONCACHED,
> &baseaddr);
> With the new functions() style IO-config anything is described in a
> single *.io, right?

That is possible but not neccessary. You can still split io's
configuration into multiple files.

> Well, mine looks like this:
> -- vim:ft=lua:
> Io.Dt.add_children(Io.system_bus(), function()
>   RNG = Io.Hw.Device(function()
>     compatible = {"dev-rng,mmio", "dev-rng"};
>     Property.hid  = "dev-rng, RNG_0";
>     Resource.regs = Io.Res.mmio(0x43c00000, 0x43c0ffff);
>   end);
> end);
> Io.add_vbusses
> {
>     rng_server = Io.Vi.System_bus(function ()
>     dev = wrap(Io.system_bus():match("RNG"));

The match() function takes a string as an argument and compares it with
the list of CIDs. As your device tree does not contain a device with a
HID or CID matching "RNG", no device is added to the 'rng_server' vbus.

The solution is to supply a string from either the compatible table or
the hid property of the device(s) you want to match.

Btw, by adding a few '-v' options to io's cmdline you can make io more
verbose to e.g. print the whole device tree or vbus trees.


>   end);
> }
> (Not sure if I really need 'compatible and 'Property.hid', here..?)
> Anyway, all I see is output from IO but, no other L4Re-App seems to start.
> IO      | Io service
> IO      | Ready. Waiting for request.
> Anybody already spot the fault?
> May I still use l4io_request_iomem() to access the HW or, did things
> change here, too?
> Thanks,
> ba_f
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