Is L4Linux can use its existed Linux driver to access hardware device?

Zhe Zhao zhe.alex.zhao at
Wed Aug 31 14:35:46 CEST 2016


After read the basic ideas of L4Linux I have some questions related to it.

Is L4Linux run as a paravirtualization VM on L4Re? Then the traditional
Linux Process just still compiled against Linux system and put them
together with L4Linux disk image?
so it means L4Re works like qemu and Linuxl?

or L4Re works as a micro kernel operating system, and L4Linux run as a
process on it, all devices handled to L4Linux to reuse the drivers of
L4Linux? and the previous Linux process
compiled with Linux, but run direct on L4Re as L4 processes which
communicate with L4Linux through IPC?

it is quite confused after read a little of the codes, in L4Linux, seems
there is some injection of L4 task stuffs inside thread_struct of Linux,
but also have some vCPU related stuffs,
can you help me about what is the real behavior of L4Linux?

I'm sorry to ask this basic questions, but after some digging I feel quite
confused about how it works.

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