Trying to build L4 on NixOS

Mateusz Czaplinski czapkofan at
Fri Mar 24 22:06:22 CET 2017

I'm trying to build L4 on NixOS in a VM (long term goal: try to learn how
to replace NixOS's kernel with L4Linux, then maybe Genode). I'm getting an
error like below:

  undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail'

during linking of bootstrap.elf - in a GCC's error-barf just after:

  [bootstrap] ==> Linking bootstrap.elf

I've put up the precise Nix expression/script I'm using to build it on
github - at:
but what it generally boils down to is a sequence of commands like this:

  $ wget
  $ tar xf l4re-core-2016082114.tar.xz
  $ cd l4re-core-2016082114
  $ mkdir out
  $ cp src/l4/mk/defconfig/config.amd64 out/l4/.kconfig
  $ make -C src/l4 O=out/l4 olddefconfig
  $ make -C out/l4

I've tried various additional changes, based on some snippets found here
and there on teh Internets, like:
  - adding V=0 to the last make (no idea what it does yet, just some cargo
  - adding NIX_CFLAGS_COMPILE = "-fno-stack-protector"; to the Nix
expression/script (also not really sure where it applies in the stack);
but none of the above helped.

Any idea what I could try doing to push it further?

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