Fiasco.OC: null-pointer dereference?

Stefan Kalkowski stefan.kalkowski at
Mon May 8 09:09:04 CEST 2017

Dear L4-Hackers,

recently, I started to upgrade the Fiasco.OC kernel version that is used
by the Genode OS framework to the lastly released version (r72). I took
the opportunity to upgrade, because the upcoming Genode release uses a
fresh compiler toolchain that refused to build the very old Fiasco.OC
kernel version that was used until now (r56).
Everything went quite smoothly, and I'm glad to see how the kernel
develops further. Thanks to all developers at this point!

Unfortunately, I stumbled across an issue when it comes to thread
destruction. In our system all threads are constructed and destructed by
the roottask that is called 'core'. In some cases, not always but quite
often, the Ram_quota pointer of the thread object is zero during the
call of the Thread_oject's delete operator, which leads to a page-fault
within the kernel-code. A simple check[1] before dereferencing the
pointer solves the problem, but I wonder whether we will leak quota or
memory then, or in general cover some more serious problem.

Obviously, we have different usage patterns of syscalls, e.g.: the order
of destructing IPC-gates, threads, IRQs, and tasks. Moreover, we still
have some very few patches[2] so that the kernel meets our requirements.
But none of them explains the thread's Ram_quota pointer getting zero.
The page-fault triggers across all x86 and arm platforms that we use.

Any hint would be very much appreciated, all the best!


Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ·

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