IRQ objects

David Werner wernerd at
Wed Jun 21 16:41:21 CEST 2017

Hi L4-hackers,

i am currently working on a checkpoint/restore component (for the Genode 
framework) which aims at the migration of processes/components.

When I first start the target component of the checkpointer, its object 
looks like this:

000204 :0016e* Gate   0015f* Gate   00158* Gate   00152* Gate
000208 :00154* Gate   0017e* Gate   0017f* Gate   00179* Gate
00020c :00180* Gate   00188* Gate          --            --
000210 :       --            --     0018a* Gate   0018c* Gate
000214 :0018e* Gate   00196* Gate   00145* Gate   00144* IRQ
000218 :00198* Gate          --            --            --
00021c :       --     0019c* Gate          --            --

At position 000217 is an IRQ object which is used for signaling.
I would like to know if this IRQ object carries any information which I 
need to store in order to recreate a new IRQ object for the restarted 

If you are interested in more context you can take a look at:

Kind Regards,
David Werner

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