Unit testing guidelines or resource

jrodriguez at uns.edu.ar jrodriguez at uns.edu.ar
Fri Jun 30 04:34:38 CEST 2017

Hi L4 team,

I'm looking forward for information about existent or recommended  
methodology to perform systematic test on single fiasco component or  
L4Re service.

 From what I see, there is not other option than running on qemu or  
target host. What I would really like is to get sort of fiasco&L4Re  
mock to be able to run systematic unit test on user level app but on  
my PC (avoiding the emulator).

Any recommendation on this regard?
Thought about fiasco UX, but not sure if that feature is still maintained.

And if I jump into the complex task of designing this mock, any  
recommendation about l4re service which is more "isolated" from  
microkernel to take it as initial use case for such development?

Well that's all by now.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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