Trying to build L4 on NixOS

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> For booting, you'll need a bit of 32bit code, thus the multilib parts
> are indeed required.

Thanks for info, nice to learn that!

> You need to build l4 for L4Linux as L4Linux also requires L4Re.

Hm; so I'm still not exactly clear about how this is structured in the repo
and how it builds together. Specifically: I seem to have built the project
contained in the l4linux subdir of the l4re-snapshot-2016082114 archive;
does it reach from l4linux/ to ../l4re/ and ../kernel/fiasco/ in process,
through the makefiles from inside l4linux/ ? It didn't complain about any
missing binaries, even though I didn't give it access to any precompiled
l4re or fiasco libs before "make".

I seem to have replaced my old kernel with the result, and it went, ummm...
suspiciously smooth... am I really running on Fiasco.OC+L4Linux? Or did I
just accidentally recompile a regular kernel, and just renamed a few
strings in it so that `uname --all` can now wink and say "huh huh, yeah
sure, 4.7-l4, nod nod", but in reality I just tricked myself in an overly
complicated way?

Is there some means by which I could test/verify that yes indeed, I am now,
or am not, on L4 full and proper in my VM? Some L4 API, or some other "one
weird trick" I can try, that can only work with L4 (vel Fiasco)? From
inside or outside (I'm doing it in Hyper-V)? I've put down the some
question in slightly different words on if someone would like/prefer that
format. If you're curious, the Nix expression I've used can be seen at:

I'd be very grateful for some more advice!

Thanks & Best Regards,
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