Trying to build L4 on NixOS

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> I think on your L4Linux build ARCH=x86
> was somehow set so it just build a normal Linux kernel.

Indeed, seems that ARCH=x86_64 is called with defconfig. Is there some ARCH
I can set to still get asked the L4 questions?

The top-level Makefile sets this "-l4" suffix, despite what version
> you're actually building.

Ech, so I was right to be suspicious :) thanks.

> The build system won't just overwrite your host system, so it
> did not do that. (Did you bulid as root? Don't do that!)
> Further, some setup and configuration is needed.

NixOS is very much automated, and the scripts I linked before result in
NixOS automatically picking the result of the build (vmlinuz etc.) and
adding a new default GRUB entry which would use it. So after a successful
build and reboot, the new kernel is used.

As to building as root - why not? I'm doing the experiments in a fully
controlled local VM, and there it's easier for me to just work as root,
especially during intensive hacking. Does it break the L4Linux build
somehow? (Also, Nix/NixOS builds stuff in custom non-root chroot jail IIUC

As to "some setup and configuration" - what do you mean by that? Something

> Since L4Linux pretty adopted to L4Re you could for example check dmesg
> and see some L4-specific lines there. Or you could check
> /proc/interrupts.

Oh, cool, thanks. Should it be enough to grep 'l4' or 'L4' in dmesg, or
would it be something more cryptic? As to /proc/interrupts, what should I
look for? `grep -i L4 /proc/interrupts` should to it?

Thanks again for your patience and help! :)
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