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Thu Jun 1 22:14:22 CEST 2017

On 01/06/17 17:35, Leslie Zhai wrote:

> Hi L4 hackers,
> > and it built ok. Now when it runs fbdrv page faults. Has anyone seen 
> this before?
> The same story: page fault 
This does not look like a page fault in fbdrv. If the system boots up 
correctly the boot sequence looks like follows:

    MOE: virtual user address space [0-7fffffffffff]
    MOE: rom name space cap -> [C:103000]
       BOOTFS: [17d7000-17d76e8] [C:105000] x86-fb.cfg
       BOOTFS: [17d8000-19d0040] [C:107000] l4re
       BOOTFS: [19d1000-1dbd478] [C:109000] ned
       BOOTFS: [3e68000-40f5568] [C:115000] ex_fb_spectrum_cc
    MOE: cmdline: /home/.../build/tmp/l4re/bin/amd64_K8/l4f/moe
    MOE: Starting: rom/ned rom/x86-fb.cfg
    MOE: loading 'rom/ned'
    Ned says: Hi World!
    Ned: loading file: 'rom/x86-fb.cfg'
    IO      | Io service

In your boot sequence the last line is the hello message from ned. So it 
looks like ned is dereferencing a null pointer (read access to 0 + 0x18 
at instruction pointer 0x102d72a). Maybe you could use addr2line/objdump 
to figure out, what happens at address 0x102d72a in ned.


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