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Leslie Zhai lesliezhai at
Wed Jun 7 11:14:01 CEST 2017

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your hint! it worked :)

在 2017年06月07日 15:59, Jean Wolter 写道:
> On 06/06/17 03:47, Leslie Zhai wrote:
>> 在 2017年06月05日 23:43, Jean Wolter 写道:
>>> Hello Leslie,
>>> today are public holidays in Germany, so I will try to follow up on 
>>> the issue tomorrow. I downloaded your binaries and am able to 
>>> reproduce the problem. It appears to be a problem with the fiasco 
>>> build. When I use my fiasco image build with gcc 4.9
>> l4/build/.config
>> GCCDIR=/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/6.3.1
> Could you have a look at 
> and 
> try the patch attached to that message?
> It discusses a different symptom, but the underlying cause is the 
> same. I was able to reproduce your problem using the svn version of 
> fiasco and gcc 6.3.0 and the patch fixed the problem.
Fixed :)

> Regards
> Jean
> PS: You can ignore the buddy alloc warning, it is just an information 
> about non optimal allocations ...
I used clang analyzer to static analysis fiasco, but false negative... 
it could not find such `_quota` member of a thread is not correctly 
initialized issue, also thank Matthias cool patch :)

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