Build problems on i386 (L4Re)

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jan 29 23:40:15 CET 2018

As promised, my other error report...

With Fiasco-OC built, I concentrated on building L4Re for i386, but this led 
to me encountering this rather frustrating error:

  [l4util] ==> Linking to shared
/home/paulb/L4/UX-75/src/l4/mk/ recipe for target '' 
make[4]: *** [] Segmentation fault
make[4]: *** Deleting file ''
../../../../../mk/ recipe for target 
l4f' failed

This issue is present in repository versions 72 through 76. Again, I'm testing 
this with GCC 6.4 (Debian 6.4.0-12). I've not seen this at all when cross-
compiling, either with the Debian or with Buildroot compilers.


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