MIPS Creator CI20 patches (again)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue Feb 6 01:38:25 CET 2018

On Monday 5. February 2018 01.43.55 Paul Boddie wrote:
> No, but the serial output isn't being done reliably in a physical sense, so
> that might be my fault rather than anything the software is doing. Is there
> some kind of assembly language file I should be looking at in the bootstrap
> package, just to see where this all gets started?

Answering my own question here - sorry if this preempts a response! - I can 
see the following files of interest:


This should be the first code that runs. Here, I think I probably need to 
configure the exception base to let me put exception entry points in a 
different location (as mentioned previously). I tested this with my simple 
boot payload, and the Ingenic SoC supports it, thankfully.

It also looks like I should only map 16MB pages for the bootstrap memory, not 
256MB pages for which the bit pattern employed for the pagemask doesn't look 
correct. But since the CI20 boots then perhaps the code somehow does the right 
thing (and I haven't checked the JZ4780 manual in case this is documented 
there). Finally, I see that the FPU is enabled, but the JZ4740 doesn't have 
one, so I omit that code. (I'm using a soft-float compiler made using 
Buildroot, by the way.)


This positions various things in the kernel. Here, I want to move the 
exception routines to the revised exception base, which appears possible by 
setting EXC_BASE. Inspecting the kernel using objdump, I see that the routines 
are moved when I do this.

So far, I haven't had any "breakthrough", but I guess it is a matter of 
working through the code and identifying any potential pitfalls, such as 
loading code into the neighbourhood of 0x80000000 which definitely prevents 
booting. Many things can be present to prevent things from working, but it 
only takes one of them to still be present to have the same undesirable 
overall effect.

Anyway, sorry for the noise!


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