L4Linux performance vs hardware virtualization

Vasily A. Sartakov sartakov at ksyslabs.org
Wed Feb 7 10:16:49 CET 2018


> L4Linux.org mentioned:
> "Compared to monolithic Linux, there is a small performance tradeoff because of the µ-kernel architecture. However, the initial L4Linux has been somewhat optimized, and on L4/x86 it has a very acceptable slowdown of less than 4 % for any relevant load.
> "
> Any place can find more detail about the test?
> And I'm very curious the L4Linux performance vs "using hardware virtualization on top of L4", have you made any comparison  before?

It depends. From my experience, I would say, a computation-intenive application demonstrates the same performance as a native application. I/O intensive is another case, here the difference can be from -something (well, uKernels can be faster sometimes)  up to +unlimit. Several years ago we measured a network performance from one L4Linux instance to another. At the beggining the performance was near the 400Mb, which was comperable with performance of two VBox-based virtual machines.  

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