Is the L4Linux running as a Fiasco.OC server?

Zeyu Mi yzmizeyu at
Mon Mar 5 12:47:19 CET 2018

Hi all,

I am studying the implementation of the Fiasco.OC and the L4Linux.

I have searched on the Internet and many papers and documents record that
L4Linux runs as an L4 server and
any L4Linux user process is a new task, which has a new page table
different from that of an L4Linux server.

However, the experiment result seems to conflict with those documents. When
I started a new program in the
L4Linux shell and used "lp" command (show present list) in JDB, I noticed
that there was one thread having "vcpu" state.
But the resulted list did not contain any new thread or task which is
related to the new program.

I am very confused and wondering whether or not the implementation recorded
in those papers or documents are wrong or obsolete?

The experiment is based on "l4re-snapshot-2016082114".

Thanks in advance for any explanation.

Best Regards

Zeyu Mi
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