Is the L4Linux running as a Fiasco.OC server?

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> Hi,
Hi Adam,

> On Mon Mar 05, 2018 at 19:47:19 +0800, Zeyu Mi wrote:
> > I am studying the implementation of the Fiasco.OC and the L4Linux.
> >
> > I have searched on the Internet and many papers and documents record that
> > L4Linux runs as an L4 server and
> > any L4Linux user process is a new task, which has a new page table
> > different from that of an L4Linux server.
> >
> > However, the experiment result seems to conflict with those documents.
> When
> > I started a new program in the
> > L4Linux shell and used "lp" command (show present list) in JDB, I noticed
> > that there was one thread having "vcpu" state.
> > But the resulted list did not contain any new thread or task which is
> > related to the new program.
> >
> > I am very confused and wondering whether or not the implementation
> recorded
> > in those papers or documents are wrong or obsolete?
> Your obvservations are all right, however, 'lp' lists all threads in the
> system but not tasks (aka address spaces). For listing tasks, use 's',
> where you will see all the tasks for the Linux user processes.
I have tried 's' command, but there was alwasy a general protection fault.
The following is the error

KERNEL: Warning: No page-fault handler for 0xfffffffff0400008, error 0x0,
pc fffffffff000922b
General Protection (eip=fffffffff0042dc3, err=0000000000000000) -- jdb bug?

There has been a change in model for L4Linux. With the vcpu model there
> is only one thread (the vcpu) which is moving between the tasks for
> execution. In the previous thread mode there has been a thread in each
> user process. Both variants are still available through the L4Linux
> config.
Could you kindly tell me how to enable the previous thread mode?

> Adam
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