Ben NanoNote patches (MIPS/Ingenic JZ4720) and memory mapping issues

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Mar 13 00:50:43 CET 2018

On Monday 12. March 2018 18.28.50 Paul Boddie wrote:
> Accompanying my patches for the MIPS Creator CI20 (Ingenic JZ4780), I have
> some patches that get Fiasco.OC booting on the Ben NanoNote (Ingenic
> JZ4720). Currently, I can get a task running that shows some data on the
> screen. More details about the Ben NanoNote can be found here:
> (It is a "palmtop" device from around 2010 that was made in fairly limited
> quantities but unfortunately didn't get the attention it deserved that
> might have seen follow-on models, and many more units, being made.)
> Unfortunately, the data I display on the screen isn't aligned properly.
> This isn't a fundamental problem since I was happily using the screen to
> emit bit patterns in order to debug the kernel while working to bring it
> up on the hardware.

Following up to this - sorry, my bad habit again! - this was actually caused 
by a slip-up when decoding values and showing them on the screen. In fact, the 
picture *is* properly aligned.

Now all I have to do is to try and get fb-drv working and then I can run the 
spectrum example. But I've updated the patches in the unlikely case that 
anyone else is really interested.


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