Input driver configuration and use in L4Re

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Apr 23 01:28:59 CEST 2018

Hello again,

I have been implementing input drivers for the keypad/keyboard provided by the 
Ben NanoNote and Letux 400 notebook computer, and although I appear to have 
implemented something that works (tested using specialised example code), 
using the existing OMAP3 keypad code as a guide (in pkg/drivers/input), I 
wondered whether it is possible to connect such drivers to other components in 
a convenient way.

I see that the input package is the thing that provides the device registry 
that I use when employing the arm_input_register macro, and in that package is 
a framework that supposedly exports input drivers as serial I/O devices using 
the "l4drv" driver. But I can't find anything obvious that uses the connect 
operation which would need to occur to probe, enable, and attach my driver to 
this framework.

Is it possible to integrate my input drivers to things like Mag, which seems 
to use input events, or to fbterminal or other things? I haven't seen any 
documentation or code that demonstrates this, but I suppose that I may have 
missed something somewhere.

Thanks for any help that is offered!


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