Porting L4Re and Fiasco.OC to the Ben NanoNote and Letux 400

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed May 30 15:51:36 CEST 2018

On Wednesday 9. May 2018 01.22.29 Paul Boddie wrote:
> My aim will be to distill the patches to the essentials to support these
> systems in Fiasco.OC and L4Re. I think that some of the patch files more or
> less encapsulate these essential changes (those having the topics "fiasco",
> "l4re" and "platform"). As noted earlier, I am not really sure about the
> form of some of the changes, but I guess things can be redone
> appropriately.

The patches are now available in a somewhat reduced form for the three devices 
(Ben NanoNote, Letux 400 and MIPS Creator CI20):


I may reduce them further to avoid confusion since the patches distribution 
still contains things that are not required for basic support, being needed 
for other code that has been written...


> As noted above, I have been exploring L4Re and writing code to expose
> hardware functions as drivers in various forms.

This work is now available here:


In other threads on this list I have been exploring issues around delivering 
and expanding this functionality, but I suppose I have been making some 
progress, and it is good to separate it out from the patches against L4Re 


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