Issues about webserver on L4Re

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Jun 8 00:38:20 CEST 2018


On Thu May 24, 2018 at 14:05:57 +0000, 李 鼎基 wrote:
> I’ve been trying to find or write a webserver directly on L4Re (*NO* L4Linux involved) based on snapshot “l4re-snapshot-17.12”.
> At first, I noticed that there was already a web server in “l4re-snapshot-17.12/src/l4/pkg/ankh”.
> But it was broken, even if I removed the “broken” file to make, nothing was generated under “/path/to/build/pkg/ankh” except “Makefile”.

Yes, the 'broken' file is there because it is, indeed, broken, i.e. not

> Then I intend to write a simple webserver (1st step a socket demo). Although there are socket APIs, I don’t know how to solve the NIC driver issues.
> The same code works well on Linux but failed on L4Re.
> Therefore:
>   1.  Is there any way to revive the “ankh”?
>   2.  If not, is there any way/demo to write a simple webserver directly on L4Re? Or how to solve the NIC driver issues?

You're right that there's the need for a driver. Reviving ankh is quite
a bit of work, and would include fixing/updating DDE first. Maybe
looking into dpdk is a better approach here. Then a TCP/IP stack is
required, for a simple demo lwip should work I guess (it's in the repo).
Overall quite a bit of work.


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