L4Re Build Failure on i386 (Revision 80)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Aug 4 11:40:44 CEST 2018

On Saturday 4. August 2018 01.25.00 Paul Boddie wrote:
> A quick update, then. Quickly testing with revision 76 on Debian stable
> with binutils 2.28-5, I was able to launch the framebuffer-example in UX.
> However, updating to revision 80 under the same configuration, I get the
> following:
> fbdrv   | Trying execution of ``set VBE mode'' using x86emu
> fbdrv   | L4Re[rm]: unhandled read page fault at 0xfd0 pc=0x1005155
> fbdrv   | L4Re: rom/fb-drv: Unhandled exception: PC=0x1005155 PFA=fd0
> LdrFlgs=0
> Comparing earlier output with the successful revision, I see that the
> following is missing after the BOOTFS output:
>   VESAFB: [C:11c010][C:11b000] @c0000000 (size=400000)
> Also, at the very beginning, the following is missing:
> Starting Framebuffer: 800x600 at 32
> Since the hello example works fine, I'll try and track down which part of
> the framebuffer configuration went missing.

This is obvious after a night's sleep, of course. The Fiasco configuration 
needs the framebuffer to be enabled, and having performed a completely 
separate build, I hadn't descended into the options to enable it once again:

"Kernel options" -> "Graphical console (requires SDL library!)"

Recompiling Fiasco and then re-running the framebuffer-example...

make O=mybuild ux E=framebuffer-example

...worked once more. So, to summarise, binutils 2.28 is fine, 2.31 possibly 
isn't, and UX works fine on i386 within these constraints.


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