Issues about server multi-threading on L4Re

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Oh yes! Actually I used the version without arguments.
Now I think I can try to fix this problem with the constructor with arguments.

Thank you very much!

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On 09/21/2018 05:02 PM, 李 鼎基 wrote:
> Actually, I’ve tried to run the server loop in only one thread (a new
> thread created by “pthread_create”, NOT the main thread) on server.
> Theoretically, it should perform the same as running the server loop in
> the main thread, but the server still gets stuck.

How did you create your Object_registry / Registry_server - there is a
version for the main thread which has constructor without arguments [0]
and uses the main thread - and then there is a version with a
constructor that takes arguments [1], among which is a server thread.
You need to use the second version to tell it about your new thread. Can
it be that you are using the version without arguments?



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> Hi there!
> On 09/21/2018 02:10 PM, 李 鼎基 wrote:
>> I’m trying to implement some multi-threading IPC benchmarks on L4Re.
>> Following the /“shared_ds”**/demo, firstly, I create 8 threads to send
>> IPC on client and receive them all on server’s main thread.
>> The server loops, waits for the requests and handles them in the
>> “dispatch” function. This single-thread server works well.
>> Then I want to create 8 threads in server (so that it can serve the
>> client thread-to-thread).
>> I wrap the “server.loop();” in a “thread_fn” and use “pthread_create” to
>> create more threads, however, the server will get stuck.
>> There are some printings after entering thread_fn so that I can make
>> sure new threads are created and executed except the server.loop part.
> I guess the problem is in that you are trying to use the same server
> loop for all your threads. The server loop is associated with a single
> server thread that executes the server objects. In other words, all but
> the thread which is associated with your server loop just block there
> and don't receive any IPC calls.
>> In order to serve different requests concurrently, is there any way to
>> create a multi-threading server?
> In theory (never tried that myself), you can try giving a separate
> server loop to each of your threads. You will then need to register your
> server object at each of them. The end result should be that your client
> threads are each connected to a different IPC gate which has its own
> bound server thread. All of these gates carry the label of the same
> server object which will be invoked when an IPC call arrives at any of them.
> HTH,
> Jakub
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