UEFI L4 image?

Matthias Lange matthias.lange at kernkonzept.com
Mon Nov 26 17:36:39 CET 2018

Hi Peter,

On [26-11-2018 17:14], Peter Wiehe wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> 2018-11-26 10:02 GMT+01:00, Matthias Lange <matthias.lange at kernkonzept.com>:
> > Hi Peter,
> >
> > On [25-11-2018 01:08], Peter Wiehe wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> can you give me a link to an UEFI flat PE image of L4Re? If that's not
> >> available, then perhaps a link to instructions how to produce one
> >> myself?
> >
> > It seems that bit rot has taken its toll and the support is currently
> > broken.
> >
> > Is there a specific reason you want to use the PE image directly?
> >


> If you mean why I don't want to build from source, it's simply to make
> my life easier :)
> If you mean why a single flat PE image instead of modules it's because
> I assume that is neccessary to run on UEFI not supporting Legacy BIOS.
> But maybe I assume wrong and UEFI can handle modules? (Maybe you don't
> call it modules but rather something different...)

Ok, maybe I was a little bit unclear in my first reply. In fact you don't need
a PE image to boot L4Re on an UEFI system without CSM. It's working out of the

All you need is a grub2 that can be booted by UEFI. Either use the one
provided by your Linux distro or build one yourself:

$~: configure --with-platform=efi
$~: grub-mkimage -O x86_64-efi ...

Then, all you have to do is use multiboot2 to boot L4Re. The entry in grub.cfg
for the hello example would look like this:

menuentry 'hello' {
    multiboot2 /boot/bootstrap /bootstrap
    module2 /boot/fiasco fiasco
    module2 /boot/sigma0 sigma0
    module2 /boot/moe moe --init=rom/hello
    module2 /boot/l4re l4re
    module2 /boot/hello hello

Good luck,

> Kind regards
> Peter

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