[mkc2008] Threads and Address Spaces - Kernel-Memory Synchronisation

Jan Bierbaum s3306700 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Apr 3 21:35:46 CEST 2009

Udo A. Steinberg meinte am 03.04.2009 09:10:
> JB> On slide 39 it is stated that for the shared kernel memory region there
> JB> is one master page directory that is updated and lazily copied to all AS
> JB> on demand.
> JB> 
> JB> While this works for right promotions what about demotion/deletion, e.g.
> JB> deallocation of kernel pages? Does Fiasco never free pages it once
> JB> allocated?
> Fiasco uses one page directory for each address space and then shares
> the page tables for the kernel part of the address space between all page
> directories. So removing a page from a page table immediately removes it
> from all address spaces.

OK. One level up then: How about removing super pages or complete page

CU, Jan.

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