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Some _very_ short examples for the extensions in my patch.

- Variables available:

       set foo1 = blah
       set foo2 = "this is a $(foo1)"
       set foo3 := "evaled once"
       set foo4 ?= "set if foo4 empty"

       title $(foo1)
       kernel $(path)/kernel ...
       module $(path)/mod1 ...
       module $(path)/mod2 ..

       echo Variable foo3: $(foo3)

- Toggles:

       toggle set a {var1=eins,var2=un} {var1=zwei,var2=deux}

       When pressing 'a' var1 and var2 will cycle through the specified

       toggle select a=1

       The number is the group, starting with 0. In the example the select
       will set var1=zwei and var2=deux.

       toggle trigger TT_VMWARE==1 select V=1

       The trigger only detects version 3 of VMWare. If it is detected,
       a "toggle select V=1" call is made.
- History: Use left to get back to the previous menu
- Search through menu entries with /?nN
- Set VBE modes
- Integrates the iso9660 fs patch by Leonid Lisovskiy
- add the ntulip and pcnet32 drivers
- direct jump to entries with 0-9 keys
- vi-like moving (hjkl)
- automatic bootp on first (nd) occurence
- ... and probably some more

Added with 0.97-os.3:
- support for PXE capable network cards for TFTP downloading

Added with 0.97-os.4:
- added configfile configuration via dhcp option 150, see

Added with 0.97-os.5:
- Bugfix: properly detect 'file-not-found' situation in fsys_tftp

Added later: see 0.97/README-files...