Misc. Atari Stuff

This document lists a few resources relevant to operating systems running on Ataris and Atari OS emulations.

This is not a general Atari resources directory; if you're looking for one, start surfing there.

Local Atari resources

  • FreeMiNT: Latest megapatches to the MiNT 1.12 kernel (ftp directory)
  • Info on FreeMiNT and megapatches

  • Freely available software packages

    OS Software

  • MiNT, a TOS-compatible multitasking operating system
  • Knarf's German MiNT Distribution 1.0, a full-featured OS distribution including MiNT, MintNet, X11 etc.
  • MiNTOS Distribution, makes your ST/TT BSD-like
  • FreeMiNT: Latest megapatches to the MiNT 1.12 kernel
  • MintNet - TCP/IP for MiNT
  • NetBSD/Atari, a full-featured Unix release
  • Linux/68k, another Unix-like OS
  • Atari OS emulation

  • STonX - The Atari ST Emulator for Unix/X
  • oAESis - AES replacement project
  • VMiNT, VTOS - MiNT for m68k VME-Bus machines
  • MacMiNT, JET - MiNT for Macs running MacOS

  • Atari resources directories

  • Julian Coleman's Atari Page
  • ZFC Atari Homepage

  • General Atari software archives

  • Atari.Archive at UMich (ftp directory)
  • Mirror at src.doc.ic.ac.uk (ftp directory)
  • Mirror at wuarchive.wustl.edu (ftp directory)
  • Gopher interface at merit.net (gopher menu)
  • Atari section at micros.hensa.ac.uk
  • Local Atari Archive (Dresden) (ftp directory)

  • Michael Hohmuth <hohmuth@inf.tu-dresden.de>
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