Julian Stecklina

We don't know how to design systems yet. So let's not make what we don't know into a religion for god sakes.

Alan Kay

Remote Debugging via Firewire


Traditionally, the legacy RS-232 serial port has been used to connect a remote debugger to its target system. The debugged operating system had to be enhanced with support code to handle this connection. This thesis explores a novel approach to debugging that uses the Firewire bus not only as fast communication medium but also as remote manipulation tool. This approach promises to minimize support code in the debugged system by injecting the code needed for remote debugging at runtime.

Based on the GNU Debugger, a remote debugger for the NOVA microhypervisor has been implemented that fulfils these promises. The result is a fully functional debugger fit for everyday use. Furthermore, the bulk of its implementation is not specific to NOVA and can be quickly adapted to other kernels in need of a debugger.


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