Dr.-Ing. Lars Reuther

Dresden University of Technology
Department of Computer Science
Operating Systems Research Group

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PhD Thesis:

L. Reuther: Disk Storage and File Systems with Quality-of-Service Guarantees. Technische Universität Dresden, 2006

L. Reuther, M. Pohlack: Rotational-Position-Aware Real-Time Disk Scheduling Using a Dynamic Active Subset (DAS). In Proceedings of the 24th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS 2003), December 2003, Cancun, Mexico

H. Härtig, J. Löser, F. Mehnert, L. Reuther, M. Pohlack, A. Warg: An I/O Architecture for Microkernel-Based Operating Systems. Technical Report TUD-FI03-08-Juli-2003, TU Dresden, Juli 2003, Dresden, Germany

L. Reuther, M. Pohlack: Using SATF Scheduling in Real-Time Systems. Work-in-Progress Summary, USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 03), March 2003, San Francisco, USA

M. Benz, J. Haufe, J. Müller, L. Reuther,  J.-U. Schlüßler: Entwurfsunterstützung für verteilte heterogene Multimediasysteme (in German). DFG-Workshop, RWTH Aachen, 20.-22. 3. 2002, in " Modelle, Werkzeuge und Infrastrukturen zur Unterstützung von Entwicklungsprozessen, Hrsg. M. Nagel und B. Westfechtel, Wiley-VCH 2003, S. 277-292

Cl.-J. Hamann, J. Löser, L. Reuther, S. Schönberg, J. Wolter, H. Härtig:  Quality Assuring Scheduling - Using Stochastic Behavior to Improve Resource Utilization.  In Proceedings of the 22th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), December 2001, London, UK

J. Löser, H. Härtig, L. Reuther:  A Streaming Interface for Real-Time Interprocess Communication TU Dresden Technical Report TUD-FI01-09, August 2001

J. Löser, H. Härtig, L. Reuther: Position Summary: A Streaming Interface for Real-Time Interprocess Communication.  In Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS-VIII), May 2001, Schloss Elmau, Bavaria, Germany

C.-J. Hamann, L. Reuther: Pufferdimensionierung für schwankungsbeschränkte Ströme in DROPS (in German).  10. GI/ITG Fachtagung MMB'99, Semptember 1999, Trier, Germany

H.Härtig, L. Reuther, J. Wolter, M. Borriss, T. Paul: Cooperating Resource Managers. In Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS), June 1999, Vancouver, Canada

S. Schönberg, F. Mehnert, Cl.-J. Hamann, L. Reuther, H. Härtig: PCI Bus Performance and Real-Time Influences. In Proceedings of the First Workshop on PC Performance, October 1998, San Jose, USA

H. Härtig, R. Baumgartl, M. Borriss, Cl.-J. Hamann, M. Hohmuth, F. Mehnert, L. Reuther, S. Schönberg, J. Wolter:  DROPS - OS Support for Distributed Multimedia Applications. In Proceedings of the Eigth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, September 1998, Sintra, Portugal 

R. Baumgartl, M. Borriss, H. Härtig, Cl.-J. Hamann, M. Hohmuth, L. Reuther, S. Schönberg, J. Wolter: Dresden Realtime Operating System. In Proceedings of the Workshop of System-Designed Automation (SDA), March 1998, Dresden, Germany

L. Reuther: Entwicklung eines echtzeitfähigen Dateisystems (in German). Masters Thesis TU Dresden, 1998

IDL Compiler for L4:
A. Haeberlen, J. Liedtke, Y. Park, L. Reuther, V. Uhlig: Stub-code performance is becoming important. In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software (WIESS), October 2000, San Diego, USA

L. Reuther, V. Uhlig, R. Aigner: Component Interfaces in a Microkernel-based System. In Proceedings of the Third Workshop on System Design Automation (SDA), March 2000, Rathen, Germany

A. Gefflaut, T. Jaeger, Y. Park, J. Liedtke, K. Elphinstone, V. Uhlig, J. Tidswell, L. Deller, L. Reuther: The SawMill Multiserver Approach. In Proceedings of the  9th ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, September 2000, Kolding, Denmark
Encapsulating Mobile Objects:
L. Reuther, H. Härtig:  Kapselung Mobiler Programme (in German). 14. ITG/GI-Fachtagung Architektur von Rechensystemen (ARCS), September 1997, Rostock, Germany 

H. Härtig, L. Reuther:  Encapsulating Mobile Objects. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), June 1997, Montreal, Canada 

Lars Reuther  <reuther@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>