L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
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5 /*
6  * (c) 2008-2009 Adam Lackorzynski <adam@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>,
7  * Alexander Warg <warg@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>
8  * economic rights: Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden (Germany)
9  *
10  * This file is part of TUD:OS and distributed under the terms of the
11  * GNU General Public License 2.
12  * Please see the COPYING-GPL-2 file for details.
13  *
14  * As a special exception, you may use this file as part of a free software
15  * library without restriction. Specifically, if other files instantiate
16  * templates or use macros or inline functions from this file, or you compile
17  * this file and link it with other files to produce an executable, this
18  * file does not by itself cause the resulting executable to be covered by
19  * the GNU General Public License. This exception does not however
20  * invalidate any other reasons why the executable file might be covered by
21  * the GNU General Public License.
22  */
23 #pragma once
31 #include <l4/sys/types.h>
32 #include <l4/re/c/dataspace.h>
33 #include <l4/re/event.h>
40 typedef struct
41 {
42  long long time;
43  unsigned short type;
44  unsigned short code;
45  int value;
47 } l4re_event_t;
60 L4_CV long
62  const l4re_ds_t ds) L4_NOTHROW;
74 L4_CV long
89 L4_CV long
91  int idx, l4re_event_stream_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW;
105 L4_CV long
107  l4_umword_t stream_id,
108  l4re_event_stream_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW;
125 L4_CV long
127  unsigned naxes, unsigned const *axis,
128  l4re_event_absinfo_t *info) L4_NOTHROW;
long long time
Time stamp of the event.
Definition: event.h:42
unsigned short type
Type of the event.
Definition: event.h:43
int value
Value of the event.
Definition: event.h:45
long l4re_event_get_stream_info(const l4_cap_idx_t server, int idx, l4re_event_stream_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW
Get information on a stream.
Common L4 ABI Data Types.
#define EXTERN_C_END
End section with C types and functions.
Definition: compiler.h:187
Event structure used in buffer.
Definition: event.h:40
unsigned long l4_cap_idx_t
L4 Capability selector Type.
Definition: types.h:342
long l4re_event_get_axis_info(const l4_cap_idx_t server, l4_umword_t id, unsigned naxes, unsigned const *axis, l4re_event_absinfo_t *info) L4_NOTHROW
Get Axis information for a stream.
l4_cap_idx_t l4re_ds_t
Dataspace type.
Definition: dataspace.h:39
unsigned long l4_umword_t
Unsigned machine word.
Definition: l4int.h:52
Start section with C types and functions.
Definition: compiler.h:186
unsigned short code
Code of the event.
Definition: event.h:44
Data space C interface.
l4_umword_t stream_id
Stream ID.
Definition: event.h:46
#define L4_CV
Define calling convention.
Definition: linkage.h:44
long l4re_event_get_num_streams(const l4_cap_idx_t server) L4_NOTHROW
Get number of streams.
long l4re_event_get_stream_info_for_id(const l4_cap_idx_t server, l4_umword_t stream_id, l4re_event_stream_info_t *info) L4_NOTHROW
Get info for a stream given a stream id.
long l4re_event_get_buffer(const l4_cap_idx_t server, const l4re_ds_t ds) L4_NOTHROW
Get an event signal buffer.
#define L4_NOTHROW
Mark a function declaration and definition as never throwing an exception.
Definition: compiler.h:185